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This is my own tribute to Giorgio Moroder,
the principal architect of the Disco sound.


Giorgio Moroder
This is a picture taken from programm on Viewers/Readers
"Greatest U.K Number one singles" when Giorgio commented
on "I feel Love" + "I will survive".
Many thanks to Colin Linskey for this picture.



To Beijing, to the Olympics 2008. An event that brings all people together to become friends in the true spirit of the olympic games.
When “Friends” and “Olympic Spirit” turn to music then it’s called “Forever Friends“.
The Dream Team of Giorgio Moroder witch include top star Coco Lee and Sun Nan, producer Kong Xiangdong and Yang Dongsheng and german lyricist Michael Kunze produced what should become the Beijing 2008 Olympic Theme. The music video is scheduled for release before the year is over. In addition, a Chinese version of the song is in the works now and will be ready for release early next year.


august 2006
It seems Giorgio Moroder is not longer involved in the project for the musical to Flashdance.



july 2006
Rick Ross' upcoming debut of "Port Of Miami" (august 08, 2006) includes the single "Push It," which contains a sample of Giorgio Moroder's "Scarface (Push it to the Limit)," from the classic 1983 movie Scarface. More info and audio-sample click here or Here



july 2006
As Beijing counts down to the 2008 Games, world-class musicians are locked in a heated contest to compose the Olympic theme tune.
Giorgio Moroder is one of the numerous composers interested in writing the song.
The beginning of the song should include some Chinese string music and singing by a Chinese child, said Moroder on the sidelines of an Olympic music forum last Friday in Beijing.
"Children are our future, and many successful Olympic songs were performed by kids," said Moroder, who suggested that a national singing contest should be organized to select over 1,000 children aged between five and 10, the best of whom would perform at the opening ceremony.
"At the core part of the song, the thematic lyric 'One World One Dream' should be repeated by one Chinese singer and a foreign singer," Moroder said, adding that he would also find an appropriate Chinese word to end the song with, as he did for "Hand in Hand," the song he wrote for the 1988 Seoul Olympics.
"Hand in Hand" was regarded as the best ever Olympic theme song by former International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Juan Antonio Samaranch.
In fact, Moroder's connection with Beijing Olympics can be traced back to 1993 when he produced "Good Luck Beijing" for the city's bid for the 2000 Summer Olympics.
This time round the famed composer is working with renowned Chinese contemporary pianist Kong Xiangdong, who will help acquaint him with Chinese music.
The two previously worked together composing the "Garden of Harmony" for Shenyang China International Horticultural Exposition 2006.


november 2004
Michael Holm comeback after 22 Years with a brandnew album: "Liebt euch" and a new co-work with Giorgio Moroder on track 8. "20 Jahre Her" is the new title.
Please check at for a sample audiofile or for more info or order.

Thanks to Bernhard Lindemann for the info

Giorgio in the Dance Music Hall of Fame
The 1st Annual Dance Music Hall of Fame Ceremony took place at Spirit in New York City on September 20, 2004. The artists inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame that night were Barry White, Donna Summer, and the Bee Gees. Producers Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte, DJs David Mancuso, Larry Levan, and Tee Scott, and remixer Tom Moulton were also inducted. Classic dance records were inducted: and one was "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer.


The german ZDF-channel will show the documentary "Stage Fever - Buhne furs Leben" beginning november 8. For the titelsong "Stage Fever" the authors are Giorgio Moroder and Michael Kunze.
Thanks to Casper Janssen for the info

- end of september 2003: Universal Music released another Donna Summer compilation (as a single disc, and as a double CD) "The Journey: The Very Best Of Donna Summer". Yes...... another compilation..... but this time it will be a very special one, because the album will incude 2 brandnew tracks produced by Giorgio Moroder!!!
Definetively my dream came true: listen to songs where Giorgio and Donna are working again together.
Stay tuned!
(Thanks to Casper Janssen for the info)

- 2003 september, 22: the first single of Blondie's new album will be released around the globe. The brand new Blondie CD single Good Boys contain a Moroder remixed version! There is a 12" Promo with a "Giorgio Moroder Extended Mix" (7:07)
The "Gioegio Moroder single mix" (4:06) is fantastic! A great bass-line (it remember me "I Feel Love").
More info on the Moroder discography section (singles)

- 2003 may, 26: Repertoire Records reissue "Spinach 1" originally released only in Japan back in 1973. The single "America, America" sold over 400,000 copies in Japan! "Spinach" is Giorgio Moroder and Michael Holm (german super-star).
The cd will include 12 songs: America, America - Rythm Of Love - Action Man (Part 1) - Knockin' On Your Door - Sweet Sixteen (You Know What I Mean) - Action Man (Part 2) - Looky Looky - Don't You Worry - I'm A Bum - Sunny Mornin' - Sunshine Lady - Muny Muny.
More in the 'Discography' secion...
(Thanks to Bernhard Lindemann for the info)

the cover as released in Japan

- 2003: Giorgio's son Alex worked on some interesting mix. Moroder's official website offer 4 free downloads at

- 2003: Giorgio is working at a new project with singer Teresa Castillo, born 1983 in Long Beach (CA).
Her songwriter is Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey. Top remixer Fernando Garibay, lyricist Billy Steinberg and Kara Dio Guardi complete the team.
Currently she is recording a new song based on "The Chase" from the Soundtrack "Midnight Express".
At this moment Teresa's official webpage point to Giorgio's own webpage. where asking for info point to Richie Zito!!! See the Teresa page at Moroders official website

Hereby another bootleg from Russia called "Electronic Hits - Giorgio Moroder". 13 tracks of a sort of "Best of". More info in the discographie section.
Thanks to Casper Janssen for the info

- 2001: released "The Best of Giorgio Moroder" on "Gold Stars Collection". This Moroder compilation has been released in Germany exclusively through Bertelsmann Club (
This CD includes Moroders "early works" and some later productions he did for Hansa/BMG with Bonnie Tyler.
All tracks have been previously released on CD, most of them on the CD "Early Works" which is long out of print.
Only members can order this CD.
See the "discography" section for cover.
Thanks to Casper Janssen for the info

- July 2, 2001: Repertoire (released "The Best of Giorgio Moroder") will reissue two rare Moroder cd. E=MC2 (1979) and Solitary Man (performed by Joe Esposito) (1983). Order can be made at

- A new compilation "The Best of Giorgio Moroder" is released by Repertoire Records (2001).
17 tracks of some Moroder`s hits. These are original tracks (no remixes).
Please see the Discographie section for further details.

- A stage musical based on the 1983 film Flashdance is being planned in
America for the 2002-2003 theatrical season.
In Adrian Lyne's film, Jennifer Beals played a steelworker who moonlights as
an exotic dancer but who also harbours ambitions of being a ballet dancer.
The musical will feature two songs from the film - Maniac, and, What A
Original composer Giorgio Moroder is currently working with lyricist Michael
Kunze on at least ten new numbers.
(And the "Love Song from Flashdance"??????)
Thanks to
Colin Linskey for the info.

- Martine McCutcheon released january 2001 a new version of Donna Summer`s "On the Radio". there are two cd singles available. the song did on of the best new entry on the UK-charts february 2001 at # 7. See the discographie section for more info.

- Sheena Easton
released november 2000 a cd single called "Giving Up, Giving In". Music and lyrics by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte.
Note: this is the first single of Sheena easton`s "Fabolous" album and a cover of the Three Degrees hit which reached No 12 in 1978. More on the discographie section -singles-

- Giorgio Moroder News! on "Empire" (April 2000) can be found an interview to Giorgio, here a highlight:
Q: Any other projects?
GM: We may do three or four songs for a project for the Vatican. And I'm doing a song for the Pope's birthday TV special--a number with children and famous singer I can't mention yet.
Q: So you make music people can pray or screw to.
GM: Oh, this has nothing to do with religion. It's pop. They're not songs to be performed in church. It's a commercial venture.

There is two 5"cd single called Disco Scienze produced by french producer Mirwais. The part 2 contain a Giorgio Moroder remix called "Giorgio Moroder Blueprint ". Check the discographie for other info.

- Gloria Gaynor teamed up with Giorgio Moroder. According to Gaynor's husband and manager, Linwood Simon, they stayed in Germany until October 26, 1999 to try and finish the album. The record's title will be It's The Last Night, and the title track will be the first single released.
The song is included in the "Tribute To Giorgio Moroder" released by Dj-Empire ( April 10th, 2000 ). The tribute itself contain several remixes of earlier Moroder`s hits.
The single "The last Night" was released March 27th on Logic Records UK! Several top remixers ( T & F Crushed Mendoza aka Wamdue Project, Steve Anderson, 7th District and more) have delivered theyr tracks. The single will contain 6 tracks.
Check the Discographie (singles section) for more info.

Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte and Donna Summer: the greatest disco-team!
Giorgio Moroder

Pete Bellotte

Donna Summer

The principal architect of the disco sound, producer and composer Giorgio Moroder was born in Ortisei, Italy on April 26, 1940. Upon relocating to Munich, Germany, he established his own studio, Musicland, and recorded his own debut single "Looky, Looky" in 1969; his first LP, Son of My Father, was released in early 1972. Around that time Moroder was introduced to fellow aspiring musician Pete Bellotte, with whom he formed a production partnership; in collaboration with singer Donna Summer, the duo was to become one of the most powerful forces in Seventies-era dance music. Summer's Love to Love You Baby released in 1975; the title track, clocking in at close to 17 minutes in length, was an international smash, its shimmering sound and sensual attitude much copied in the years to follow. More at the biographie page........

giorgio moroder

Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder